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Accident At Work Claim

The causation of accidents in the workplace is usually attributed to nothing more than misfortune, yet the repercussions can have a detrimental impact that far eclipses any physical injury. Physical injuries can be severely debilitating, but more often than not, the real effect is not felt for some time afterward. Other symptoms may also begin to manifest themselves, calling for an extended period of absence from work. The complex issue of justice can severely hamper recuperation in the latter stages, which is why work injury victims are encouraged to seek accident injury advice at the earliest opportunity. Not only will this give you piece of mind during a time of uncertainty, it could help to ease the financial stress that time off work will inevitably bring.

We may be able to help you pursue an accident at work claim for:

  •   Industrial illness or disease.
  •   Slips, trips and falls in the workplace.
  •   Accidents involving machinery or hazardous substances.
  •   Road traffic accidents, involving a company/ commercial vehicle.
  •   Injury caused by negligence – that of an employer, or another employee.
  •   Repetitive strain injury.
  •   Serious injury caused by heavy lifting.

If you are considering an accident at work claim for an injury sustained in the last three years, our established personal injury solicitors could help you establish a case, at no cost. Backed by a sterling reputation and many years of specialism in the field, you can be confident your accident at work claim will be handled with the utmost care, and the premise you will receive 100% of any compensation.

Making An Accident At Work Claim

Freak accidents are unpredictable, and can happen in any work environment. Falls in the workplace are not isolated to constructions sites and warehouses, as is exposure to harmful substances. In truth, you could unwittingly develop symptoms of asthma or asbestosis from working in an unconverted shop or office, just as easily as you could plying a manual trade. By law, every employer must hold adequate liability insurance in the event of a workplace accident, and must also strive to ensure adequate safety regulations are adhered to. Failure to comply with either can likely result in legal action and prosecution. Our trusted personal injury lawyers are leading experts in work accident law, and could help you make an accident at work claim – even when third-party fault is difficult to prove. Call us in confidence today!

Work Accident Compensation

Accidents in the workplace are often unavoidable, regardless of the many safety precautions put in place. There are some cases, however, where it can be proven beyond reasonable doubt that negligence or sloppy safety standards have contributed to an accident. It may be that a fellow colleague failed to spot, or clean up a spillage whilst on duty; a line manager failed to check machinery prior to use, or appropriate supervision was not underway during a procedure requiring a number of participants. Pursuing an accident at work claim is in no way punitive, and could actually help your employer to re-evaluate safety standards and practices.

If you are in any way worried about the ramifications of pursuing a work injury claim, talking to a specialist could help ease your anxiety and make sense of the process involved. Our no win no fee solicitors will then act on your behalf, seeking 100% of any  compensation to which you may be entitled. Start your online claim today by filling out our simple three-step form here, or calling us on the number provided above.