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Work Accident Compensation Can Be Won if You Consult Your Case with an Expert

work accident compensation claimsWorkplace accidents claim many lives every year, with leaving thousands of others severely injured. These catastrophic incidents happen mostly because of negligent employers, managers and co-workers. If you have met an accident while at work, whether onsite or offsite, you may receive some words of advice from your sympathizers and chances are there that they have already insisted you to file a work accident compensation claim. But until you know the ground rules of filing a claim, you are at full risk of wasting your money and effort. Here below are the basics explained.

Reporting is not your liability

Many victims take the initiative of reporting the factory and office accidents to the local police station or the Trade Union. There is nothing wrong in it, but the fact is that the liability of reporting is on your employer. He must report the accident to the competent authority (for England and Wales, local Health and Safety Executive offices) and their report should include the following:

  • Casualties
  • Special mention of sever damages (physical)
  • Highlighting alarming causal factors (toxic gas leakage etc)
  • Any normal injury to the victimized worker
  • Diseases resulting from the accident

Make note that if your employer fails to report the accident, Health and safety Executive department may take appropriate actions against him.

Who ensure health and safety at work?

It is one of the basic duties and responsibilities to ensure health and safety for all the workers. They need to put additional emphasis on the safety of the workers who perform high-risk tasks. Construction accident claims are filed when the employers do not bother about ensuring safety and health of the employees and that kicks up construction site accidents. This type of accident is also very common in factories and offices. If the accident you recently met was due to health and safety loopholes, you have high chances of winning your compensation claim.

Inspecting the reasons is important

However, you cannot point the finger at your employer until you are certain about the causal factors. You can meet and consult your case with a work accident compensation claim expert who has years of experience and can precisely tell you whether you should expect compensation payout or you are taking a vain attempt. For this, you need to interview the eyewitnesses, take plenty of photos and videos of the accident scene and obtain a medical report that clearly points out the nature and depth of your injurers from an expert physician.

How to file a claim without additional financial worries?

One of the main concerns of the injured parties who wish to file accident at work claim cases is whether they have to pay hefty amounts to their solicitors and that too before the case starts. If you are worried for the same reason, you can solicit the services of no win no fee lawyers. These lawyers work on conditional basis and they won’t charge you a red cent in the event of you losing the case. Find a work accident solicitor in your area to file a claim against your employer.

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