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Work Accident Compensation: How to Act Following a Scaffolding Accident in the UK

work accident compensationScaffolding accidents can be extremely hazardous for the people who have suffered it. These accidents are common in the United Kingdom. The construction sites in the United Kingdom often witness scaffolding accidents at work. Out of the total fall from height accidents in the UK workplaces, most incidents are the results of poor scaffolding. If you have been the victim of a scaffolding accident in the UK, you can claim work accident compensation.

An estimated 2.3 million UK workers work in the construction sector that makes use of scaffolds on a regular basis. Safeguarding these employees from scaffolding accidents might bring down the total number of work accidents in the UK. According to the government of the nation, the employers need to be more cautious and undertake necessary measures to prevent such unfortunate occurrences.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to scaffolding accidents at work. First of all, inattentiveness of the worker might cause mishaps while working with scaffolds. However, in this case, the worker cannot claim compensation from the employer. In the instances where insecure bracing, unsafe construction and poor materials are the trigger of scaffolding accident, the victim can extract legal help from a personal injury solicitor and file work accident claims.

Scaffolding requires mud sills and base plates. The surface on which the mud sills are positioned should have the capacity to hold the scaffolding in place. The scaffold ties need to be affixed properly. The height of these succeeding ties should not be more than 26 feet. The ties should be placed at horizontal intervals.  Additional ties can be installed to augment the safety and protection of the workers working at height.

Because of the high number of scaffolding injuries, the employers need to start training programs so that the workers can get necessary training to perform their job perfectly. In case of an accident that is not caused by the worker’s fault, the victim acquires the legal right to make claim for compensation. In a successful compensation claim case, the compensation that the victim is awarded is meant for covering all the losses incurred   by the incident.

The personal injury solicitors who specialize in accident at work cases know how to deal with each case successfully. First of all, they get the gist of the case from the victim and try to assess if the claims of the victims are worthy of representation in the court. If they find that the claims of the work accident victims are valid enough to be represented in the court of law, they will take the case.

If you are a victim of a scaffolding accident and work, you should definitely contact a reputed personal injury lawyer. The law professionals who are reputed has gained the reputed through hard work. They have fought a large number of cases and usually have high success rates. Check if your chosen personal injury solicitor offers his service on no win no fee basis. You can request him to give a rough estimate of the compensation that you can expect to get form the guilty party.

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