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Work Accident Compensation—The Dos and Don’ts

accident at work compensationIt’s the duty of the employee of every organization to ensure that the workplace is safe and secure. But accidents, though uncommon, cannot be averted fully. It can happen because of a lot of factors like employees falling from heights, slipping and tripping, injuries from physical assaults etc. These can also happen because of employees mistakes like not taking precautions (for example not wearing protective helmets, goggles etc while working in injury prone areas).

In any kind of accidents at workplace, there are certain Do’s and Don’ts which has to be followed to enable the lawyers to proceed with the work accident compensation cases without any hassles. Let’s take a look at them:


1)      After the accident, it’s advisable that the victim doesn’t move. He should seek medical care immediately by calling someone. He should also call an ambulance if the injury is very serious.

2)      Identify some witnesses  to the accidents and preferably note down their phone number and address

3)      Inform the accident immediately to your senior. Please also ensure that an accident report is properly filled and you also get one copy.

4)      You should try and obtain all the available information on employer’s workers compensation insurer ( It includes payment of all medical costs related to the injury ). If its possible please avoid a company approved doctor and go to a Doctor you are comfortable with. If you have a head injuries please consult a neurologist. Please also know the extent of your injury and how many days leave you have to take from your work.

5)      If, by any case you are unable to join work after 7 days , then please request ( in writing ) that workers compensation be started from the eighth day onwards.

6)      You should also ensure that you file a claim form LDOL-WC-1008 on the eighth day of the accident ( if benefits have not begun )

7)      If the compensation benefits has not begun making payments on your medical bill and weekly benefit of 2/3 rd of your wages, you should consult a solicitor immediately. Please also ensure that the legal guy is experienced in this field. If possible ask for his experience. You can also ask him about the fees which you have to pay.

8)      Obtain some documents for your reference:

a)      Copies of all medical bills whether they are paid or unpaid

b)      A list of bills which are paid and also a list of bills which are not paid

c)       Copy of CT scan, MRI, bone scan etc

d)      Copies of any witness statement given by any eye witness about the occurrence of the accident.


  1. Don’t be talked into “not reporting” the accident
  2. Never give recorded statement to unnecessary parties
  3. Never settle your case unless you are medically stabilized or fully fit
  4. Never settle your case unless all your queries have been answered or all your rights are explained to you.
  5. There is no need to discuss any aspect of your case to unnecessary persons.

Accidents at workplace are sometimes an unavoidable incident but you should know all your rights from before so that you don’t face unnecessary problem later on.

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