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Work Accident Compensation: Top 5 Most Unsafe Sectors in the UK

work accident compensationSolicitors who deal with work accident victims often find contextual connection between two or more cases. This is because some sectors in the UK are considered comparatively accident-prone. Of all the work related accidents occur in the UK each year, these sectors serve as milieus in most cases and work accident compensation claim cases are also filed by the workers representing these sectors in large numbers. It is an unfortunate happenstance that most of these work accidents involve blue collar workers, clearly an endangered section of the entire workforce of the country. However, office related accidents are not also very unusual.

Construction site accidents

Construction accident cases comprise of the majority of work related accidents happening in the UK each year. These accidents are calamitous in nature as most of the accidents are caused by faulty machinery and other heavy appliances. Slips and trips are also very common cases inside constriction sites UK. Often the employers overlook risk assessment of the machineries and other appliances and do not put emphasis on tidy management of construction processes, preparing the groundwork for this type of work accidents.

Agro industry accidents

Agro accidents account for the most fatalities at work. This happens mostly with contract workers who often complain about myriad issues including low wages and lack of workplace safety. This is true as accident at work compensation claim solicitors come to know about many cases where faulty and end-of-life machineries were given to the contractual workers and that leaded to fatal accidents. Tractor and harvester accidents are also very common. Exposure to toxic chemicals also is a reason of suffering of these workers.

Manufacturing accidents

Manufacturing warehouses bear the same nature of construction sites. Workers working with heavy enginery are a common scene at many manufacturing facilities. However, these machines are not always maintained properly and basic health and safety rules are not followed as well. Many industrial disease claims, as a result, are filed by manufacturing sector employees.

Warehouse accidents

Warehouses are primarily used for storing items. However, many warehouse owners want to make use of their warehouses to the maximum possible extent and they little bother about the pertinent rules and regulations. Work accident compensation claims are filed by the unfortunate victims of warehouse accidents. Fall from height and trip/slip cases are very common. Forklift truck accidents comprise of the majority.

Office mishaps

As previously said, the white collar workers cannot always escape the work accidents. It happens that the negligent attitude of the employers and the co-workers lead to many office accidents. The public perception about white collar jobs is contrasting although. Many people think these jobs are safe, which is a fallacy.

If you have been injured in a workplace accident recently, you might be interested in using the services of a work accident solicitor. The best way to reach them is to find a claims management company website online. A free consultation with a solicitor over the phone can clear many of your doubts. Do your own research before choosing a solicitor.

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