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Work Accident Solicitor

Work accident injury claims usually arise as a direct result of negligence, either on behalf of the employer, or another employee who did not adhere to safety guidelines. Employers owe what is known as a “duty of care” to all individuals under their employ, extending to the provision of a safe working environment, safety-tested equipment and adequate protective clothing/ headgear in industrial trades. The legal expertise of an accident at work solicitor may be called upon if an individual believes his/ her accident was caused by negligence, or failure to maintain adequate safety standards/ practice in the workplace. A work injury claim may be filed for any type of injury sustained in the workplace, providing the claimant is not at fault.

Work accident claims may involve:

  •   Back injury/ pain due to repetitive strain, heavy lifting or a fall.
  •   Chronic industrial disease due to exposure.
  •   Slips and falls involving discarded debris, unsafe flooring or spillages.
  •   Injury or disability caused by defective machinery.
  •   Whiplash/ neck injury caused by a road traffic accident.
  •   Limb injuries sustained after a FLT (fork-lift truck) incident.
  •   Severe disability, or death.

If you, or someone you are close to, have sustained a work accident injury, an accident at work solicitor could help you successfully make a claim for compensation. Our service is 100% catch-free, offered on a full no win no fee basis, with free legal advice whether or not you decide to pursue a claim.

No Win No Fee Piece of Mind

Victims and their families suffer ostensibly in the face of trauma, but the repercussions often extend far beyond mere physical injury. In cases where urgent specialist medical attention is required, yet cannot be provided immediately by the NHS, families are often forced to turn to the private sector. The spiraling costs of medical bills, coupled with the worry of a reduced income can often be more stressful than the trauma of the accident itself. With us, the immediate financial worries need not be a burden. Your appointed accident at work solicitor could arrange necessary medical treatment whilst investigating your claim, and possibly seek additional damages for medical expenses, loss of earnings and rehabilitation. Our personal injury solicitors work on a no win no fee basis, meaning that even if your claim is unsuccessful, you don’t have to shell out for legal advice or representation.

Starting An Accident At Work Compensation Claim

We appreciate you may not feel comfortable commencing a claim against your employer. Not many people realise that making such a claim in no way effects their employment status or rights. It is against the law for an employer to dismiss any employee for pursuing a personal injury claim, and with our help, the complex fabric of your working relationships need never be affected. Your accident at work solicitor can even provide support if you are a Trade Union member!

Our personal injury solicitors aim to make claiming easy. After all, this is a time when your sole focus should be upon recovery and getting back on your feet. With just a few basic details, we can begin a thorough investigation into the circumstances of your claim in as little as 24 hours. Start your claim today via our online form, or call us on:  for free legal advice regarding your rights to compensation.