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Work-related Stress Claims Increasing in Number alongside Accident at Work Compensation Claims

The collateral damages of worldwide economic difficulties are quite obvious now. In 2011, it was found that most of the workers in the UK, especially those who are working in the financial sector, are suffering from severe mental stress. Potential risks have been identified through stress testing methods. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) estimated last year only that 18,000 financial sector employees are suffering from work related stress and anxiety. Filing compensation claim for accident at work is not anything new. But Accident at workrecent studies have found that the workers are even filing compensation claim for the stressful working environment. The financial sector is being heavily impacted due to employees taking stress-related leaves.

The ongoing trend of filing claims for workplace stress was initiated back in 1995 with the Walker v Northumberland case. The plaintiff, Mr. Walker, was a social worker who was in charge of a crew of field staffs reported his excessive stress that resulted from dealing with child abuse cases on a regular basis. He suggested his employers to reconstitute the services and modus operandi. However, his proposal was rejected and he suffered severe nerve problems in due course. When he returned to work, he was promised that he would be given an assistant but, unfortunately, the assistant used to work intermittently. Mr. Walker suffered a second breakdown and retired. It was quite evident that his sufferings resulted from work-related stress and the employer had to pay compensation to the claimant.

The Walker v Northumberland case was an example for the employees who were undergoing stress at their workplaces. It was a pathfinder for many unfortunate individuals. The recent surge of compensation claim cases is somewhat an outcome of that 1995 case only. With the emergence of these cases, many no win no fee solicitors have entered the scenario. However, not all of these solicitors are trustworthy. It is true that many counterfeit organizations have also started operating subliminally. These solicitors are also termed as ‘Ambulance Chasers’. It is important for a claimant to differentiate a counterfeit compensation claim agency from a reliable one.

Quantification of sufferings resulted from work-related stress is not quite easy. Unlike personal injuries that are easily quantifiable, mental stress cannot be measured in the conventional ways. The personal injury solicitors, however, calculate consequential losses and damages such as loss of income etc and try to facilitate their clients to win 100% compensation. There are different compensation bands for psychiatric injuries. Victims of minor injuries can get up to £3875 of compensatory benefits. On the other hand, victims of severe psychiatric injuries can get £76,000 at max. For younger claimants, the compensatory benefits can rise up to several million pounds in case the claimant had to retire from work at a very early stage.

Many employers now fear that they would face mountainous number of stress-related compensation claims apart from accident at work compensation claims cases. Stress-related claims are also hugely espoused by the Trade Unions. It seems that financial recession is still not over. It is still adversely impactful. The compensation claim cases are just a facet of the whole story.

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