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Worker Injures Himself, Seeks Compensation

An employee at East Isle Shipyard in Georgetown has appealed for a work injury compensation claim on the grounds of being injured while crawling through pipes at work. The man suffered lumbar disc problems which kept him off work for a long time. Harold MacMaster has appealed for a work accident compensation claim to the Workers Compensation board which denied MacMaster’s appeal saying that the former worker does not have strong grounds for the claim.

However, MacMaster’s lawyer, Maureen Peters has put her points forward explaining to the judges that MacMaster suffered from degenerative disc disease which rendered him professionally unfit from 1996 to 2008. Maureen Peters also mentioned that she has a strong case at hand and she would well be able to get MacMaster a accident at work  compensation claim at the earliest.

The Workers Compensation Board has been dealing with MacMaster’s case for some time now. In 2007 the Board determined that MacMaster did have the eligibility for a medical claim. The board has also ruled earlier that MacMaster was professionally fit to work 20 hours on a weekly basis in 2008 and 40 hours a week in a different field of work. To these rulings, Peters shot back with the argument that MacMaster’s ability to work had gone down to a great extent because of his injuries and had he not been injured, he would have been fitter to work.

The date for the next hearing is yet to be decided but both the parties have a strong case at hand. Peters is among the few no win no fee solicitors in the city and has handled a number of work injury cases in the past. The Workers Compensation Board’s lawyer, Brian Waddell maintains that MacMaster is not entitled for a complete compensation claim.

The final judgment on the case is still due and it would be interesting to see who the judge rules in favor of. In the last few years, a lot of work accident compensation and person injury compensation cases have surfaced and most of these cases have been won by the victims of the accidents. However there still are cases where judges do not consider the grounds for claims to be very strong and decide in favor of the other party.

MacMaster has managed to stay away from the press and hasn’t come out to comment on the case. However he strongly believes that he could have been professionally and personally in a better condition had he not hurt his back crawling through pipes at the shipyard. The Board, however is not in complete agreement of this notion.

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